What is it?

CIT is an unique Meelo Causal Reasoning technology that evaluates data using attributes such as links and keywords. It links and traces data to obtain the root origin state (e.g. concept, perception, sentiment) allowing a level of machine intelligence beyond clustering.

What does it do?

Faster machine learning. Powers unsupervised learning. More accurate results. Enables complex adjustments such as cultural perception.

Award-Winning Technology

Meelo delivers solutions for all levels of complexity with our award-winning patent-pending ecosystem. Our commitment in streamlining data-driven solutions is further with key partnerships such as IBM Watson’s cognitive language APIs and Beyond Limits AI technologies transformed from NASA and U.S. Department of Defense solutions developed by Jet Propulsion Labs.

500 million decision making rules per second
Cause and Effect
Symbolic Processing & Learning
Voice Recognition
Automated Dialogue
Intent-based search
Intent Analysis
Perception Analysis